Homemade Pancakes

Crunch. Eggshell. In the pancake. How could someone mess up pancakes, for crying out loud?


The Queen’s Socks

But one day she simply could no more ignore,
The fact that each time that she walked ‘cross the floor,
Each foot would get cold,
Because in each sock was a hole.

memory of marmalade

Orange marmalade on sourdough and boiled spinach on rice. Those two things would always remind him of his grandfather. The scent of orange blossoms and spicy green scent of a happy garden. Wet bare feet and dirty fingernails and running in for supper with skin tight and tan from the sun and wind.

the key

I can Dream because my hair is whitegold and straight as starlight. It was in a Dream that I found out about the key and the gate it would open. My sister just wanted the key for…